Breast Cancer Society of Canada Challenge

About Breast Cancer Society of Canada

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada, (BCSC) is a registered, national non-profit charity dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research since 1991. We raise money to fund patient-focused research for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast cancer. BCSC receives no government funding – all of our research is funded through the generosity of our donors. Mission - to save lives through breast cancer research Vision - an end to breast cancer.

Challenge #1

To diversify of the modes of fundraising both in terms of the nature of fundraising activities and the frequency of giving. We are interested in having an engaging (maybe game) experience, with micro-donating fundraising capabilities with the potential of generating revenues throughout the year in a way that offers greater appeal to a large demographic. Here are a few examples:

The participants are interested in the experience or winning the prize – supporting the specific charity is secondary. We’re hoping that people who have not worked in this space might be able to come up with fresh ideas – charities struggle to come up with ideas to grab the attention of large numbers of people and the media.

Challenge #2

Further to this objective, we want to attract new participants and enhance the experience for the participants of our May, Mother’s Day Walk. This traditional 5K walks (held in 10 cities across Canada)moved to an app-based, virtual ‘One Billion Steps Challenge’ during COVID. As in-person events return in 2022, we are looking for ideas to integrate the online and ‘real walks’ to make the experience better and attract more participants. In 2022 we are tentatively (COVID),planning 3 in person walks (cities TBD). So, many people will not be physically close enough to join. We will still include some form of digital/online experience for 2022. Additionally, we are looking at the ‘event’ being from May 1 – 8th (Mother’s Day). Question about BCSC's challenge? Join their Discord server!


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