Social Media Family Tree

Until recently, family scrapbooks were the only means of looking back at family memories. Past generations might only have 20-30 photos of themselves in their entire lifetime. In today’s world of on-demand photos and content, it opens up a whole new world of family history. Your challenge is to submit a solution for a digital family tree! There are a few different ways to keep this collection of family history, which include:

  • The ability for future generations to access all social media of the past. (Ex.: seeing your great grandfather's Tiktok or Instagram).
  • The ability to curate all the family social media into a beautiful family collage. This can be both photos or top retweets. Imagine if Grandpa Randy went viral in 2017?
  • Longterm: Family social media wills. When someone dies allowing the family to take over the account.
Features to Implement
  • User interface(UI) for users
  • Backend database to store collection of family history
  • Server to host the application for users to test out online
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