Orac Bot: Your Personal Adviser

How do we lower the risk when making decisions? Right now we can rely on our intuition, ask an expert or friend, or maybe just wing it. We are on the edge of being able to ask AI for guidance when making decisions. The Internet is complex and densely packed with data and knowledge. Having a bot help us navigate this new Internet world will almost certainly be the future and you can design it!

Features to Implement
  • User interface (UI) to interact with the conversational chatbot
  • Algorithm that decides the advice being given out (core feature)
  • Backend database to store the conversations with the chatbot
  • Server to host the application for users to test out online
Extra Resources and Guidelines

There are many pre-built chatbot development frameworks online. Dialogflow developed by Google and Wit.ai acquired by Facebook offer simple interfaces for your chat applications. If you want to build a more advanced chatbot, you can look into RASA, an open-source framework and based on machine learning.

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